Friday, March 17, 2017

8 Hours Of Suffering With Team Mud Butt.

Team Mud Butts Kenda Lites ride again! 8 hours of Smelli Bonelli was yesterday and it was real "hot" laps out there. 90 degree temps with a dry course made it a... war of attrition for team and solo racers. Hydrating was key, lucky for us we had Amino Vital Pro-R to be ready for each interval lap. Team Mud Butts Kenda Lites rolled in for a 4th place finish in the 3-rider category with Vegas Bob Snyder anchoring in our 15th lap on a Tomac Carbide 26er, you heard me right. Ol' man Gabe Margve (63 years old) had sub forty minute laps on a short but punchy course.

The best part of the race was getting to hang out with friends and heckle/cheer racers on as the day progressed. Roger Hernandez, Joy Chow, Mark Thome and David Zaitz (Team Inappropriate, PMBC crew), Timari Pruis Allen and Win Allen of Win's Wheels, and solo Cheyne Mckeever made it into an interesting pit at the Kenda Tire easy ups. Shortstack and his fiancé made a surprise appearance and Cyrille Hanson (mother of Dante and Xavi) had some sweet jalapeño cheese bread. Brewyard Beer Co. Ready to Mingle hit the spot in between laps, thank you Mike Sagun!
Shout out to Lauren Mulwitz for the 8 hour Solo Women's win! Ben Goyette earned a cramping 3rd in the 4 hr Open Elite, 8 laps, nice! Sam Wiernucki for completing 8 hours of solo hell, RED Butt MONKEY!

Thank you to Kenda Tires, Amino Vital, Sigma Sport, Xpedo, Royal, Ryder Eyewear, and all the support off and on the course!
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