Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Team Update

Last weekend, the Fuzziest was out at Southridge with Randy Rush. The dudes were set to race the XC event for the weekend, and Fuzzy decided to have a pre-ride-wreck! No stitches, but I hear Randy licked it, so the bacteria probably helped close it up. Rocky, hot and dusty, Southridge is always challenging. Steep ascents and pinned and technical sections keep even the best racers on their game.

Ara ended up in a solid podium spot, 3rd place! The wreck and related bleeding clearly had it's benefits. Who needs leeches?

Randy finished his daily race route in 14th position, and was thirsty enough to drink all of the Brewyard Beer Company offerings...before the race started.

Josh Qualls went out for a ride at Barboursville Park with Julie Ditty...right before the snowpocolypse landed in this part of the country.

Vegas Bob was out trying to get all of the elevation on his Giant Reign. Amassing 3,126' feet of climbing in a single morning of work (about 20 miles), his Sigma Sport ROX 10.0 was very busy gathering all the ride deets.

Mark has been in SoCal riding with HB Velo Cycling crew, hitting all the Fullerton Death Loops he can get his hands on.

With a newly replaced helmet thanks to Wingspan Cyclery in Moorpark, CA..and with a favorable weather report that may melt most of 7" of snow we have...I am hoping to get back out on the bike this weekend and thrash the hell out of some really, really flat roads.

Have a great weekend!