Friday, June 08, 2018

Team Update for June

It has been a few weeks since the last update (sorry about that)!
Despite my lack of posts, the team has been very busy with rides, races, beers and BBQ.
Ara has been slammed with races and events, like the most recent Big Bear endurance XC race last weekend. Fuzzy writes:

Fuzzy hearts racing so hard.

"En Fuego! Not my race result but the weather up in Big Bear for the Big Bear Shootout #1. Was sitting in the top 5 going out for our second lap of the Long Course when my tire got slashed by a gremlin. First a young Junior racer saw me on the side of the fireroad that I had just passed, he passes me, doubles back, and throws me a canister of GUUP, and takes off! So cool! Then Turner Conway comes by and lends a hand also. Finally I had no choice but to put in a tube. These young racers have class! Tube started to lose air slowly on Skyline which required the hand pump. Finished strong and salvaged a 6th place at least. Bummed but got a good weekend of riding for Carson City in two weeks.
Super Stoked for Dan Blurton getting the top podium spot in Cat 1! He still can't believe it, you better believe it! Keep the momentum going.
Thank you Roger Hernandez of Kenda Tires USA, Christopher Rubin of Wingspan Cyclery, SIGMA SPORT USA, Ryders Eyewear, 7 Protection, Michael Nasco of RedMonkey Sports, Brewyard Beer Company LLC, Christer Phizzle, Xpedo pedals, and Baby Jesus!"

Ara and Roger rode with FOFO for a warm up prior to the Golden State Series #6 race, and Roger is looking FIT AF!
Roger Hernandez from Kenda Tire looking mad-fit!
 Vegas Bob and Fuzz raced together a couple of weeks ago, and Fuzz came away with some bling.

"Did that just happen? Can we do a couple of more laps at Aliso & Wood Canyon XC Race - Rescheduled date Wow... that was a scorcher even tho it was overcast and misty! Coming down "Rock-it" twice did rock a bit on Felt Bicycles Doctrine1 with Kenda Tire SaberPro 2.4/2.2. Bob Snyder rocked it also on his 26er. Didn't even have time to drink out of my Wingspan Cyclery bottle. Couldn't shake off Freddy Andersen and he got the win by 13 seconds, great race! Thank you Tim Vangilder and Travis Clater for the Troupe Racing Roasters coffee in the morning... that was delicious. Time to relax with a Brewyard Beer Company LLC Younger Dayz.
Thank you Andy Lightle, Jon Kearley, Missy Kearley and all the crew/volunteers at Non Dot Adventures, the podium awards are unique each time, so worth the pain and blood."

 Vegas Bob has been up in Bend, Oregon, riding trails like Phil's Trail Complex and getting his camp on. I am SO jealous!

Mark Thome has been riding his giant sled of a motorcycle all over Montana, and enjoying some summer riding in the mountains. Mark frequents the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area on his various bikes.

Check out that Pasadena MTB Club jersey representation in Missoula!

Jeff Williams has finally made the long-awaited move across the Portsmouth bridge, and now lives just south me in Portsmouth, Ohio! Jeff is a STEM academy instructor there, and he and the fam just bought a new home. CONGRATS, TOOKIE!
Tookie is in Ohio for good!
Good-looking bastard, Josh Qualls, has been on a racing hiatus to handle some home needs, but has been back on the road, mountain and BKOOL trainer to get back in to the swing of racing. It's OK to hate him, he's that damned good looking.
Josh Qualls. Bastard.
Randy Rush has been riding a TON, popping up to lots of Fontana and Racers and Chasers events, and drinking more beer than human organs can allow. Make sure to congratulate him on his recent retirement from the Ramona Water District!
Why does his water bottle always smell like Brewyard Brewing Co beer?