Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow Time Like The Present...

It wasn't even raining last night when I arrived home from work. Lyd was preparing for her set tonight at the Thirsty Ear, and I was making a sweet pizza for dinner. Little did I know, the J-man was fixing to dump tons of white-stuff all over the place as we slept. I had heard rumors of this semi-frozen water that falls from the sky....but I assumed it was some urban legend..y' that Richard Gere-gerbal-in-the-butt-thingy. Only with snow. And not a gerbal. Oh, and NOT Richard Gere's chocolate starfish.

I put my clothes on and started gathering the music equipment for delivery to Lyd's car. I opened the back door...POW! white stuff everywhere. My TIKI BAR that I built for Lyd's margarita consumption (you'd drink too if you had to see me naked) enjoyment was no longer visible. I quickly disappeared to the basement to get my winter boots out...I bought them waaaaay back when I lived in Lake Arrowhead, before the CFR days I think.

I guess I may not get to ride today, since I have tons of stuff to do. I would love to roll out in the snow on some KENDA KLONDIKE studded tires, though. KOT's would be great, too. Well, I hope you all are great in PA, CO, KY, CA etc! it's kinda mean that FLEA lost his rental house in Malibu and it's a foot deep in snow here. I actually sold a bike to FLEA and his daughter at the old Supergo store a couple of years ago!

Beauford says stay warm if you are in the midwest. His belly is low thanks to stumpy little flipper-feet, so we should get him some neoprene belly covers for winter...


At 11:56 AM, Blogger rushman said...

I bet that dangling inch of furry is maybe "INVERTED" now with the cold and all.


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