Friday, January 11, 2008

Amino Vital Steps Up Program For Backbone In '08

Pete at Amino Vital called last night with some great news for all you product-hungry racers out there in Backbone-Land! AMINO VITAL is promising a sponsorship deal that will essentailly make them our #2 sponsor for 2008. I will e-mail everyone the details next week, but the basic plan involves everyone getting a YEAR's supply of product on the house. Other perks are included, but can't be mentioned. We have been picked up IN FAVOR OF a large and well-known road racing team, so let's show the H.Q. at Amino Vital that we are a worthy investment for their sponsorship dollars! Great job to all of you, thanks to everyone who helped to seal this deal at Interbike, and thanks to Lyd for the website/sponsor package layouts. You guys all deserve the best, and Amino Vital wants to give it to you.
Thanks to Pete and everyone at Amino Vital!
Check out the full product line on the Amino Vital link to the right, in the sponsor links list...



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