Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Randy's Fontucky Race Report

Captn! Well the winter series kicked off this past weekend so we headed out Friday night as usual. Except we had Kim's oldest son Cody in the mix this time, as he was going to try his hand at super D for the first time (A big thanks to Taylor for letting Cody use his bike).

So Saturday turned out to be a great day for racing, and there were a ton of people. It was packed, so that delayed our start time a little. We had twenty guys in the 35 to 44 sport class, as usual one of the biggest class's of the day. I started off ok running in the top seven for a while but after NO training that was just a pipe dream and I ended up finishing thirteenth.... and suffered ALOT but still had a good time.

Super D went off at 12:30 and Cody was a pretty nervous pup being as he has never raced before and didn't ride the course at all. Kim and I sat down at the rock garden and watched and Cody came threw very good and ended up finishing fifth in the beginner class and got on the podium! He did a great job.

Now Sunday was a different story as we awoke to 40 to 50 mile an hour winds down in the pits, so I could only imagine what it was like at the top of the course.Trevor moved up to the sport class this year and after a few runs with Mr.. T he said he felt good. After Trevor's race run he said he didn't feel real fast but very consistent and didn't make any mistakes, which was very hard with the wind. He ended up finishing in 6th place out of twenty five I think, so it was a good weekend.

So lets see Cody fifth,Trevor sixth,Taylor seventh oh and Randy THIRTEENTH bringing up the back again right on.

I also want to say Donnie did an OUTSTANDING job with the course he added two new single track sections and the dirt was great after all the rain the week before. I guess that's it man.

Later dude


PS I also sent some pic's


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