Monday, January 21, 2008

Tom Cruise Medals in Shimano Kid's Race!

This picture allegedly shows Hollywood's tiniest man (ok, except those midgets that played Oompa Loompa's) winning a mountain bike medal!? It can't possibly be for an adult-sized man's race, as he is so very, very small. I can only conclude that this was for a recent Shimano Kid's Race somewhere on the West Coast. Normally reserved for those under 12 years of age, Mr. Cruise (who's wife probably shouldn't wear heels, for fear that he might live his life in the shade) allegedly narrowly beat out 7 year old Dina Tolksein for the overall prize. UCI forced him to take a drug test, but said only trace amounts of SIMILAC were found in his blood. Although only the size of a shirt-button on a normal-sized man, Tom's medal appears to be about the size of a large three-topping pizza. When MBA's John Kerr interviewed him after the victory, he said "I'm going to Disneyland!"



At 7:34 PM, Blogger Vegas said...

YAY! Congrats on a great race, TC! Now get back to workin on giving Katie another baby!!!

At 6:59 AM, Blogger Cap'n said...

I thought that baby was Abel's!


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