Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trevor's Race Report

Yo Chris, this is Trevor. Just dropping in to let you know how things are going. Well... last weekend was Fontana #2 race. The track on Saturday was super dope. The dirt actually had some moisture in it for once, and the track setup was pretty sweet.. mostly turns with a fast paced straightaway. In the end I felt I had a decent practice day riding with some of my junior x buddys. Sunday came around and I woke up to being on an island. Our trailer was surounded in a 30x30 puddle 8 fricken inchens deep. The track on Sunday was still soooo sick the dirt was now as perfect as could be. On my race run I didnt do as good as I had hoped. I had almost stuffed the front end twice during my run but I still felt I had a decent run (but the times beg to differ). In the end I ended up getting 18th out of 25. I had also found out on Monday at school that I will be going to New York for an auto competion over Easter break. PEACE

love truly lol



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