Monday, February 25, 2008

Chuck-T's Fontucky DH Race Report

Hey El-Capitan!
Just finished another race at Fontana this past weekend, and I'm glad it's over! It rained on and off Saturday during the XC, but just enough to keep the course nice and tacky! As usual though, the downhillers got absolutely shafted when it came to race time. The nice drizzle that had kept the course tacky for the XC and Super-D guys, turned into regular thick rain that made the course extra slick and muddy for the DH guys! I wound up sliding just about everywhere during my race run, and I even had to take about 3-4 seconds during a pedaling section to completely remove my useless goggles. They had become caked with mud, so I figured they would do better hanging around my neck, then around my eyes. I finished my run exhausted, and barely able to see through my now mud caked eyes, and wound up 8th for the day. At least my old crusty and soon to be replaced DH bike didn't fall apart on me this time!


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