Monday, February 04, 2008


The Fuzz, looking back on Thunder Mountain Trail, Red Canyon, Utah..

So, I am officially clinically depressed at the mountain biking situation here in Ohio. With the tallest peak being Campbell Hill (1,549 feet of elevation), I think that the state club (OMBA) should change their name to OHBA....Ohio HILL Biking Organization. Can you call it mountain biking, if there are no mountains? the local race series has NO PRO categories..or semi-pro for that all tops out at the glass ceiling of Expert. How can we ever hope to foster riders talented enough to enter the highest ranks? How can Ohio hope to produce a World Cup or even National Champ? Local riders are forced to move out of state if they want to get any faster. I certainly miss the Utah backcountry, Arizona's McDowell Mountain Park, and Mt. Pinos in California. Maybe I should just choose "curling" and call it good...


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