Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taylor and Ryan In Taipei?

Backboners Ryan Nolan and Chuck-T will be at the Taipei International Trade Show this year, representing US and KENDA...kinda'. KENDA is printing off GIANT hard-back posters of the boys to be used in the KENDA booth at the bike show..and probably Interbike..and they will be used along with other HUGE riders like Jill Kintner and Hans Rey! Now, by HUGE I don't mean FAT..Jill will kill me...I mean large in "persona." cool is that? Two GIANT DORKS who dress up in plastic armor and hurtle down hillsides get GIANT posters! Nice. I will expect these two knuckle-head d-bags to send letters of thanks to KENDA (the blonde girl, you know who) asap. Way to go guys..and this is what happens when you all keep sending me HIGH-RESOLUTION PHOTOS!



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