Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sea Otter Friday; MEDALS For Bob and Bert!

Vegas Bob wearing his first ever Expert medal, a 4th place finish in STXC!

TOMAC's Joel Smith, personally attending to Bob's Carbide. THAT is commitment to racing, believe it bradda!

Bert showing off his post-Super-D Third Place medal!!!

Brant watching the underage butt of Essence Barton.

Bert having a moment w/ his new necklace!

Christine and Michelle watching the Backboners on the podium!

Bob's podium effort on STXC Friday..

Fast people stretch. I don't stretch. I drink beer. Gut stretching doesn't count.

Bert warming up for his Super-D....sunny weather NOT found in C-Bus.

Dual Slalom start gate..

Dual Slalom course, turn #2

Ryan B. and his 2005 TOMAC RLX/POLO Team issue Super-D bike.

Bert thinking about the nudie bar in Monterey, where we have our team meetings.

mmmm...Carbidey goodness...

Jay-Hood throwing signs....y'know like STOP and YIELD.

Friday was going to be our first shot at any kind of podium effort. 2006 National Champ in the Super-D and his young offspring Bert and Ryan were up first. It was late morning, and the sun was already wreaking havoc on our epidermis. It was fun to sit out on the course and explain to Lyd the difference in the bikes, tires, suspension, etc. The camera's were whizzing along when baby-Bert (Ryan) came careening down the course on his 2005 Tomac/RLX Polo team issue bike, formerly owned by Dave Weins. Ryan had been been practicing his finish line "arms-up first place pedaling" maneuver...which is a sure sign that he will get dead last...just before his race. He disappeared around the bend and up the hill with his 100 or so deep group of riders. Bert "The Hurt" and his category would come down next. Bert was about 15 guys back as he passed us before the first climb...and by the end of that short half-mile, he had flogged his Tomac carbide like a donkey to fifth. He would take two more riders before the finish line, ending up with yet ANOTHER Carbide podium. That would prove to be a great omen, since Vegas Bob had Short Track coming and had yet to podium as an Expert racer.
On the sprint from Super-D to Bob's STXC, we had to pass the Dual Slalom course. We stopped to shoot some pictures of the riders for Lyd, who was there on her own dime to have some photos for her KENDA tire ads. I heard my name called out, and was staring at the goggles of my old friend, old Supergo manager, and current Specialized employee Raymond. He was doing his first ever Slalom race, and managed to place third on his SX Trail! Another old friend, Bob Meeker was around too, and was racing for his ne team, Bearclaw. Bob is always a nice guy, and was our old rep when we raced for them in prior to Backbone forming. After those brief "hello's," we hoofed it down to the Short track for Bob. He was sporting his Mohawk ( a new turning device for high speed descending?) and was preparing for his second ever Suffer Fest STXC. Oddly enough, he was actually sporting KENDA's Short Tracker tires on his bike! With AMINO VITAL Endurance powder running through his veins, he looked like he was about ready to twist the XTR cranks off his new Tomac. The gun wnet off, and Vegas had a great start. we had gone over his plan, and I was helping him to NOT blow out of the gate and try to lead the whole race. Michael Broderick and I have talked about that a few times regarding Mary M. She is so fast, and so competitive..she often likes to try to lead the whole Short Track race from start to finish. That often burns you, since nobody else will take a turn, leaving you pulling everyone around the course until the finish.
Bob was turning very consistent laps, and before we knew it, he was in fifth! he had some laps to go, and reeled in a guy on an orange NINER, exploding past him with two laps to go and gapping him by several bike lengths for fourth place. It was a well timed move, and the guy never was able to regain Bob's wheel. Vegas and his MOHAWK took their first Expert podium, 4th place at Sea Otter in STXC! Great job, Booooob! Ona side note, Vegas brought his chicken suit but never wore it...and that's just sad. The rest of the day was spent waiting for the awards ceremony. It was great to see the boys up there at the biggest race in North America!
We made the rounds with the sponsors for the rest of the day, and it is always fun to talk to the people who help us out. Seriously, we have some really fun and interesting people affiliated with the team. Ed from Voler, Jim at Kenda, Joel and the guys at Tomac, Matt from Hydrapak (those guys are always fun to talk to) and of course our very own Jay-Hood Schippers at 661-Sunline. Nomad was there too, but apparently Rebekah was out cavorting with my nizzle E.J. (Evil Juicy) from Tempe, AZ and had to send her backup to the race. Ex-Titus/Kenda rider and all around nice guy Brian Fawley was on the podium Friday, and super-nice guy Stewart Dorlund from the 24 Hrs of Adrenaline Series was there talking to Jim before heading up to Idyllwild for HIS race. Timari Pruis, aka Booty, was hanging out too. I was told that Wehe was working, and could not attend. Funny..Wehe missing a race for work! Slack-jawed hippy! Anyhow, we left the venue late and it was
COLD AS HELL there Friday afternoon. We would go eat then return to the Seaside rental home for some R&R. Brant showed up late with the Thome's and Dawn Lyons. It was great to see so many people, and all the new riders Roger has dilligently picked up this year. Oh, before I forget..Roger as ALWAYS..was on fire this week, keeping track of all the riders, sponsors, and everything else he could handle. Thanks to Rog for driving and organizing the week for all of us. Great job, if only we can figure out a way to make it PAY...hmmmmmm :)

More on the weeks events coming soon, thanks everyone!


Roger holding Vanessa's bike, just to touch greatness..

Lyd trying out her new DH jersey..

Bob in his new T-shirt, compliments of Joel and TOMAC cycles..

The KENDA Short-Tracker, Bob's tire of choice for Sea Otter.

The Xpedo pedals that Vegas has beaten like a fur seal for two years.

SIGMA Team computer and Sunline carbon bars....BLING!!!

Thanks to POB and Amino Vital for giving the boys the ability to race cramp-free.

More race info and pix tomorrow....we still have to go through all of Lyd's 1,450 pictures later this week!



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