Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Bear Shoot-Out This Weekend!

Jay-Hood actually podiumed in a XC race here in 2006! F*****G downhillers..

Vegas Bob ascending 1EO1 trail durng a 2006 XC race in Big Bear

This weekend the Cali crew will be heading to the former center of the mountain bike racing universe, Big Bear California. Staying in team sponsor Boulder Creek Resort's team condo in the parking lot at Snow Summit, the peeps will attempt to throw down on the local favorite xc course. Lots of climbing, fast singletrack, and the occasional raging fast run down Upper and Lower Fall Line make this race a winner. It's not unusual to reach speeds in excess of 45 mph on the dirt fireroad leading down to PineKnot trail! Fun, unless you are not comfortable with two-wheel slides.

Betsy finishing her race in 2004.

Come on up to Big Bear this weekend and help the guys drink beer and hang out! Vanessa said she'll try NOT to pass you on the pre-ride Saturday. Best of luck everyone, I miss ya and hope you all have a great time!

Vanessa Humic, voted "Best Legs In Racing" for 2008, on top of Snow Summit.

Professional photographer and all-around bad ass Michael Darter and the Pythons.

Bert, Dawn and I hanging out at awards in 2006.


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