Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The team's SIGMA BC1106 Team Issue Computers have arrived!

Vanessa Humic races exclusively on SIGMA products. Designed and built in Germany, they are shipped to our friends Brian and James at the Batavia, Illinois facility.
Vanessa then gets it, reams it out as only a top-tier athlete could, and then changes the battery and does it some more.

Vanessa was snapped at Sea Otter and this pic was in a magazine! Photo by John Kerr.

Vanessa's TOMAC CARBIDE looks great w/her SIGMA computer on the bars!

The uninterrupted SIGMA digitally encoded signal means she wins...and you could too if you ran a SIGMA HRM!

Thanks VERY MUCH to the unrivaled support from SIGMA, and thanks to Vanessa for being an absolute bad-ass.


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