Sunday, December 21, 2008


I need to say that, when a situation becomes difficult or rough going, mountain bikers are the most resourceful athleetes on the planet.
While riding or racing mountain bikers have come up with some of the most ingenious way to repair problems on the trail to get back home or cross the finish line.
Many ideas from stuffing leaves in flat tires or using pine tree sap to hold a handle bar grip from slipping, my favorite wrapping a inner tube around a snapped off seat post, so it doesn't poke you in the ass. ( I know Vegas.... I said poke. )
Anyway, the other night when the north east was getting hammered by a snow storm. Here a little further south were getting rain and high wind, soon my family and I are setting in the dark with out power. Yet, my little girl wasn't about to let a little power outage stop her from drawing and coloring by defying the dark, with a little help from Sigma lights.
Like I said us mountain bikers are creature of difficult situations.

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