Monday, January 12, 2009

The Amazing Ride Of Michael Darter

Everyone has been buzzing about Michael Darter's DH race on Sunday. Apparently, he was setting a blsitering 1st place time on his 6" travel trail bike..and then...the biggest HOLY S**T moment of the weekend...he went legs over head while still hanging on to the bars!!! He manages to hang on, re-mount and FLY to the finsih in an astonishing THIRD PLACE! Apparently, everyone on the mountain had held their breath along with Michael all the way down the mountain. This is what he sent me today...

Pontification and elaboration not necessary.
All that really matters is the results page.
Not the wind, oversized bikes, undersized forks,
sand, crashes, reasons why, bad lines, wind, skinny tires, wind,
The Wall, the crowd, or the wind. Results page posted soon.


And hey..don't knock pontificating! That's my whole thing, jeez! C.


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