Thursday, January 08, 2009

Randy's Relapse Race Report

Captn. Snizzle, Whaaaaaats up? It's been along time since I've done one of these but I did go out to Vail Lake yesterday and raced an X-C race WOW, anyhoo Robert herber with racers and chasers had a real fun course laid out and the conditions were perfect with the rains we've had lately.There doing kind of what Southridge is doing running a super-d on Saturday and doing a crit race on a lighted course after sundown and then doing X-C on Sunday so I just went for the X-C on Sunday or I would have died hell what do I mean I did die holly shit it's been along time but it was a blast and it felt great to be back on a bike. So as far as the race goes there was a real good turn out and I had I think twelve in my class and like I said before he starts everyone all at once so I started at the midpack because I new what I was in for. So last time I was there the sport class did two laps and I was ready for that except that now we do three oh great. So three quarters threw lap number one I think I going to puck my guts up and thinking god this is great AND I paid to do it boy I'm a smart one. The course was fun the climbing was not real difficult(thank god) and like I said It was real nice to be back at the race's. I think I ended up six in my class so I was happy. I'd also like to say again to all boner's and anyone who reads this go to Vail Lake and check it out and support racers and chasers there doing a great job and it;s another place to race locally. S next weekend it's off to Fontucky. I'll talk to you so Captn. Randy


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