Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Randy's Not-So-Race Report

Hey Chris!

How's things going Captn? I was really looking forward to writing a race report after a good weekend at Fontucky, but it just didn't happen. It started off Friday night about a mile and a half from my house. While rolling through town a lady pulls up beside us and tells Kim that I don't have any running lights, and only one brake light! I'm like "what the f***k I just checked and they were good!" I pulled over to find that my plug wire for my truck got pinched and cut six out of seven wires... so back home I went for the next hour and a half splicing wires together so we could go.

So on the road we go now, and it's seven thirty when we usually arrive anyway. About six miles from the sixty freeway my trailer is fish tailing and pulling my truck like no other and I think SHIT! I have a flat tire now! I pull over and get out to look and about get blown off the freeway... but no flat tire so it's cool. We pull into Fontucky I get the trailer leveled out and start unloading. Kim comes in and say's "hey what's wrong with the slide out?" and I'm like what? I said to myself f**k it I'm not racing I'm just going to support our guy's (Trevor,Jay Darter,Taylor and not a team member but cool guy Ryan) oh and don't forget my FAVORITE company COORS for the weekend. So it wasn't a great weekend for me and I think you can tell by the race results already turned the other guys had a good time. Well like they say their is always next weekend.


****Well, I can say this on behalf of the guys who DID race..they wouldn't have done so well without you and Kim being there with all the support, so thanks for going! Oh, COORS thanks you as well.:)*******


At 1:07 PM, Blogger rushman said...

Nice pic Captn. the omly thing wrong is I had a COORS in BOTH hands and one in my pocket.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger taylor said...

Don't worry Chris, I pulled through for us dark beer drinkers and snuck in a 6pack of Firestone into the cooler when Randy wasn't looking. I just don't trust a beer I can see through!


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