Sunday, February 08, 2009

Darter & Trevor Bring Home Gold At Fontucky.

Darter likes to freebase Clearasil because it passes banned substance tests..nice skin under that beard!

Darter on Backbone Trail during the '07 Camp-N-Ride in November.
The amazing Michael Darter has two things you can count on. Speed, and a near-death experience at every race. Once again, at Fontucky (after asking to be moved to pro, and told no) Darter flew off the bike, had to re-straighten his handlebars, then get back on the course..he still WON his Expert class DH race at Southridge. Arms raised at the finish line as if to say "What do I hafta' do to get moved up?", D-Money had won by about two full seconds WITh the wreck. His time, according to Taylor, would have been good enough to finish in the top 20 as a Pro. Oh, and the day's Pro field had FOUR WORLD CUP RACERS in it's ranks.

Trevor Calton has been creeping up in his Sport class as well. He blazed down the wet, clayed-up, greasy and rutted (that means FUN, by the way) race course for a stellar VICTORY! The boy has been training hard with Taylor, Jay and Darter..and is progressing quickly. I love a team that does everything, it really is fun to watch guys like Randy try gravity racing and get hooked, after being a XC guy for so long. Randy raced too, by the way, but I am not sure as of yet how he did.

The course tape proved too much for Backbone's Chuck-T today. Angry at him for mocking it openly, the course tape exacted it's sweet revenge on our little Pro gravity freak. Taylor had already flown off the trail, over the bars, and on his knee-cap when it struck. After getting back up, Taylor THOUGHT he could finish his run..but the tape had other ideas. It lurched out, grabbed his bike, and like a Burmese Python began to tie him up tighter than Star Jones' Lap-Band surgery.
Defeated and nearly swallowed up by a vengeful ribbon of course tape, Taylor would weep openly at the loss of money handed over to Donny for his entry fee. The photo below is of a race a few weeks ago, where Taylor could be heard openly calling the course tape "fat." Course tape can only take so much verbal abuse before it snaps.


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