Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I didn't wanna do it, but everyone keeps asking for wedding pictures..so here are the ones that we liked the best! Thanks to ELY BROTHERS PHOTOGRAPHY in Cbus for the great shots! There are no bike pix on this post, so I understand if you must turn away.

So much for ever fitting into that dress again. :)

That's the same knife that will one day be used against me in anger.

Getting those "Spanx" things unbuckled is harder than it looks.

No explanation needed.

Kids should avoid alcohol, it does long term damage.


GIANT nerd

Pakito, our Minister Of Infernal Affairs.

"Drink Til He's Pretty" she says!

Wow, do I know how THAT feels.

"Drink Til She's Rich!" he says!

Luka and Katy after the ceremony.

Luka, being "leg-adjacent."

Who's daughter is this? Now I have TWO kids?

Lyd's expensive hair-do was awesome in the gale-force winds.

Don't get all googley..she just ate the last piece of fried chicken!

Lyd hugging her papa.

Weddings are always fun in a hurricane!

Luka trying not to drop his college fund.

Mommy! Is it cake time yet?

Wow..Lyd has some sexy shoulders. mmmmm..shoulders...

It's not too late run, baby!

Flowergirl Katy doing her job well.

The entire Luck Brothers Coffee House customer base.

Peter has a wicked collection of the "Thunderbirds" puppet animation at his house.

Katy practicing giving Luka the cold-shoulder for something he hasn't done yet, and won't know he actually did when the time passes.


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