Monday, June 22, 2009

New Amino Vital Endurance Mandarin Orange!

Mindy Reger getting googly-eyed at Taylor's Amino Vital ad at Interbike.

While Pete O'Brien has been getting settled in to his new digs up in the hills near San Francisco, the mad scientists in japan have been hard at work filling canisters with THE ALL NEW MANDARIN ORANGE FLAVORED ENDURANCE FORMULA! That's right people, a new flavor. It's no slouch either. I have been using a top-secret canister of Mandarin Orange for a some time now, and I actually like it better than the Lemon! Order as much of it as you possibly can (if in a bike shop, QBP should begin having the new flavor soon) get to whippin' up on someone!

My mantle is full of bling thanks to Amino Vital!

Jeff's endurance racing requires a ton of ENDURANCE FORMULA! BTW, he just WON his race yesterday in North Carolina!

Lil' Lydia (center) and the rest of the girls from the Arnold Classic in Columbus.


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