Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tookie's 24 Hr Of 9 Mile Report

hey, Chris
I just want to say thanks again for all the help on getting the TOMAC ready for the 24 hour of 9 mile (which is the name of the state park, NOT the race course distance [ 14.5 mi ])

I want to say that the race wasn't what it was two years ago when I went up there to race with the James and the guys from SIGMA.

This year Granny Gear productions took over the race and I thought "Here we go!" Although the guys at Granny Gear put on a great race,it wasn't the same by the standards of the past years (2003 & 2004 Snow Shoe, WV ). This was the last time I will race in one of their races, for one the high price of solo entry started to push riders away ($280 for pro, expert, sport or joe blow who ever that wanted to race solo) and other promoters are putting on races just as well, for half the cost and just as many vendors at the race.

Two years ago at the 9 mile race there was a vendor Expo area the size of a city block ( SIGMA, Nightrider, Trek, Light&Motion, and other local bike shops and food vendors and a dozen others that I can't remember) what I'm saying is there was a lot of the big names of the bike industry there, pushing their wares.
Its great to have that support at such a large race and it made the 12 hour drive from KY worth it.

But this year What the Hell Happened?? I want to say again Granny Gear put on a good race, but not a GRANNY GEAR race I was accustom to seeing. For one what happened to the bike industry? There were hardly any vendors (less then six that I can recall) and again the high entry fee for most of the riders ( I payed for my entry fee back in march to get most out of the discount), but Granny Gear started to give discounts on entry fee closer to the race date, I would guess that not as many riders wanted to shell out that kind of money.
Once there at the race, if solo riders wanted to set up a long the race course, you had to park your vehicle in a parking lot and pack your stuff 50 yards to set up a long the course, unless you want to set up back in the wood in the "solo pit area" totally away from the transition.
Two years ago the 150 yard run in to the transition and the 200 yards out of the transition was lined with EZ-Up tents of solo and duo teams, that had the feel that you were a part of a 24 hour race every lap.
Well that's enough bitching about the race set up, because you don't want to get me started on the auction held for the first 20 minutes of the racers meeting.

Now in short the TOMAC was kick ass and the SIGMA Karma lights were flawless.

Talk later


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