Saturday, September 05, 2009


CHARLES HAS ROCKED MAMMOTH! He just placed TENTH IN OPEN PRO KAMIKAZE on board his Tomac Primer! GET THE F**K OUTTA HERE! He has been VOTED IN to race the LEGENDS KAMIKAZE tomorrow, so that being the case, he is opting out of the Cal State final tomorrow. He raced The Legends race (kind of, it was basically owned by the old guys last time it was done in 2005) a few years ago, taking 8th, right behind Greg Herbold. Then winner John Tomac is in Europe for Eurobike, and will not be let's see if the little tird can bring home a TOP 5! Have a beer for Chucky-T tonight, and GO GET 'EM YA LITTLE CRACKER! Look in just about every cycling magazine on the planet for a pic of him in the coming months...


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