Monday, August 24, 2009


Chuck-T's top 10 Kamikaze run from 2005.

The return of California BIG-MOUNTAIN racing is nigh! The Golden State Mountain Bike Championships will be help September 4th to 6th this year, and our Gravity boys are looking to blow it up! You may recall in 2005 when Mr. Charles Libolt shocked us all with his amazing 8th place finish in the KAMIKAZE, finishing just behind Greg "H-Ball" Herbold. Well, this year he isn't taking home less than a top 5, and with his home-boyz from Nor Cal, the Benge Brothers rocking the DH course..and HOPEFULLY JAY-BOX and Darter as well..the Backbone gravity squad can light up the podium.

Chucky-T is recovering from two busted ribs suffered in Canada at Crankworx, but is looking to be fully recovered and DOPED UP for his return to the Kamikaze. He and James Schwanke have been working hard all season in Tahoe for this race. The XC & SD squad just returned from Mammoth, possibly on a pre-ride weekend for the coming shoot out. Can't wait for this one, seriously!

Bert is pictured here during the '05 Nationals at Mammoth taking a water bottle from Jay.

The Benge boys will be coming off a spectcular season, and will be racing in their 'hood. Although they did well enough this year to "theoretically" qualify for World's..they are both too young to get they will be looking to show their worth at Mammoth!


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