Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thanks to Ken and XPEDO PEDALS for using our team Backboners' ugly mugs on their new website for the coming season! There are a number of great shots they used, like this one of Charles at Fontucky. This link can be found by clicking the Products button.

AND FINALLY! Vanessa is pictured here popping her collar to display proudly the pedal brand that she depends on every single day. Looking good, Super-V! This pic is on the Sponsorship Page.

These double-Ti pedals (XMFO8TT) weigh a scant 210 grams...and I have been on them for three years w/out breakage..weighing a good 40lbs over the weight limit!

Jim Roff's killer pic at Crested Butte is on the home page..ya gotta wait for it for a second....

A variant of the XPEDO Face Off pedal.

...because Vegas Bob is on that same page, along with...

...ANOTHER snap of Chucky-T! YEAH-BOY!

The Face Off DH/BMX pedal from XPEDO. Nice.

There is a very good chance some or all of these pix come from amazing and often-published action photographer Michael Darter, and if so..thank you to Mr. Darter! Stop by the TOMAC booth at ODD and check out the battle tested and Mama-Approved XPEDO pedal line-up on the Tomac Type-x, Carbide, Primer and Snyper's available for viewing at ODD in September.


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