Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tookie Racing 12 Hrs Of Mohican!

Jeff "Tookie" Williams will be driving up from his secret race HQ in Argylite, Kentucky Friday night. He'll be en route to the near-Columbus 12 and 24 hr race at Mohican, about an hour north of Lyd and I's place. This race last year was not nearly as fun as Jeff had hoped. I thought it was across the street at the State Park (easy ride, no rocks at all), but as it turns out it's across the street at the Wilderness Area....much rockier. Ooops!

Last year Jeff was on a hardtail 29er...this year he's on a bad-ass TOMAC CARBIDE full susser. Nice. I have a feeling his race will be entirely different this season. Hopefully we'll get to say hi to Jeff Friday night, because we will be busy packing for Interbike. Wish the Tookie much luck!

Jeff was forced to race on a borrowed 5" travel trail-bike a couple of months ago at the 24 Hrs of Burn in North Carolina, because his Tomac had not yet arrived. By 5a.m., he was not sad to be on full suspension at all...


At 9:54 PM, Blogger rushman said...

Go and kick some ass Tookie good luck dude.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger USMCuncle said...

"Tookie" Kicked a little ass at Mohican and took a very respectable 3rd in being one of only three of the 12 hour solo racers to make 10 laps on the rocky Mohican trail.
Good job Jeff, I'm proud of you!


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