Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Randy's Fontucky Race Report


What’s up Captn? Sounds like not much good if you can’t back up the rig, but I will send Mc rib sandwich if you need them, anyhoo Trevor and I went to Fontucky for the Southridge challenge this last weekend to do some race-in. Now I haven’t ridden but once in the last eight weeks so I wasn’t expecting much in the X-C race and that’s exactly what I got.

The race started off ok we had a short course only 4.5 miles so we did three laps and that’s a bitch climbing to the water tank after no riding but oh well I was running 5th or 6th till half way threw the second lap and the old lower back seized up so I proceeded to yell and scream every cuss word I could think of and had to stop and stretch for a minute so I ended up getting seventh but I tell you what the f-ing Carbide rocks that thing is soooo sweet it’s ridiculous.

On to super-d I went and pre-rode the course to find out it was perfect for the Snyper just a little bit of climbing and a lot of down hill that bike rocks to it was a lot of fun and I got second in super-d it was cool.

Now on to the old D-H and I’ve only ridden my D-H bike one time since I got it so I was really looking forward to this. I headed up for some practice runs and I was beat to shit tired from the other races on my first run (and only one for the day) I said OH SHIT the course was really rocky some said more rock than dirt and I got way intimidated and said no more for the day I was to tired and didn’t want to get hurt so stop to live another day.

Ah get up Sunday morning all refreshed (after 7or 8 beers Saturday night) and go up for some more practice and one run that was worse than Saturday and I said f**k it I will just hope for the best on my race run. Race time and I’m really nervous and I cleaned my run except for one small foot dab and I was very happy with it and got third so that was cool. Now on a two and a half to three minute run the guy who won beat me by 31 seconds and the second place guy beat me 24 seconds (can we cheery picker) but no big deal if they can live with it so can I. all in all a fun weekend and I will do some set up on the D-H bike and be ready for the winter series.

Trevor ended up getting fourteenth after having a great run going only to eat shit on one of the g-outs at the bottom of the course. Now Mr. Darter just killed it after moving up to the vet pro class he got second and had a fall on his run. That dudes an animal man, and you already heard about Mr. T.



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