Saturday, January 09, 2010


*Broken bike, broken Fuzz at the '05 NMBS race in Solvang. That was Jimena Florit's old RLX Team bike he just snapped!

It was inevitable. He is the Armenian Juggernaut, and will not be stopped. Ara spends his weekends sleeping on a rock along the John Muir Trail, high in the Sierra Nevada's where he will NEVER find a date. That's good for us, because that leaves him plenty of time to ride and hone is racing skills. Here's the BIG NEWS! THE FUZZIEST JUST ANNOUNCED HIS MOVE TO CAT 1 XC!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FUZZY! For those of you too new to know the Fuzz, he actually would have WON the Marathon XC Nationals had he been well enough to race at Brian Head a few years back,
but missing that one race placed him in Silver (still not bad), and he has been on the box more times at big races than you could imagine. He's also the Armenian Comedian, and is always happy to relate every major historic or social figure back to Armenia. Did you know that every Pope, every Roman Emperor, and every major military General were all of Armenian descent? Neither did we, but THEY WERE! Anyway, Ara, Stakk,

**The infamous "Kakk-N-Stakk" diligently working the pits for Ara.
and the Glendale Heavies

***The "Glendale Heavies," the best damn pit crew in America.

will be back in action for 2010, and that just makes me all squishy in the pants....


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