Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chuck-T's Race Report; More World's Riders!

El Capitan! Another fine weekend at the Southridge races has come and gone in the seemingly infinitely tall mountains of Fontana... oh wait, thats the Rockies. My bad. Anyway, the race this weekend was amazing, or at least the downhill. The XC and Super-D racers got drenched during their race, but fortunately the weather cleared up just in time for us fat and lazy DH riders to hit the trails! The course was tons of fun to ride, and yes, in case anyone is wondering.... I did tighten my rotor bolts BEFORE my race run on Sunday.
My run went well, but a full load of classes and work has taken its toll on my fitness. I finished 30th out of 50 riders in the Pro class, not bad, but could be much better! Aaron Gwin showed up on race day, and finished a close 2nd place to Eric Carter. I heard from some fellow racers that Matti Lehikoinen and Ruaridh Cunningham were out practicing on Saturday in the rain,
but they didn't show up for race day. Now I just have to find some time to get back into the gym and on the bike during the week!



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