Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Randy's Elfin Forest Race Report


Well race # 2 of the 2010 season was this past weekend at Elfin Forrest with Robert Herbers racers and chasers. It was very nice because it’s only a 35 to 40 minute drive from home. So Kim and I headed down got set up and they had a very good turnout Robert said over 225 entries which is more than at the velodrome race last month so that’s great for Robert.

On to the race they ran all sports and beginners first at 9:00am and pro’s and experts at 11:30 now Robert runs a mass start I guess like the old days so I took off with about 80 guy’s and gal’s which was cool up until a certain point, we climbed up a paved road for a bit then onto a dirt road then back onto pavement which was very steep like granny chain ring and still eating the handlebars so the front wheel wouldn’t come off the ground. After the climb we got into some single-track downhill that was the most dangerous downhill I’ve ever raced on. I was in a pack of about 25 guys going into the section and it was scary just big jagged boulders every ware with a smaller than sing track threw it. The rest of the course was fun and very technical climbs and downhill’s just a lot of loose jagged rocks so finding traction was difficult if your body positioning was off. All in all it was fun hey being at the races is being at the races.

I finished up in 16th place out of 30 I believe not so great but live on to race another weekend and that’s going to be this weekend at Fontucky if we don’t wash away between now and then.

Talk at ya soon.

Randy Rush


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