Monday, January 11, 2010

Fontana Podium Pix!


Hey drizzle what’s up,

As you know the winter series at Fontucky kicked of this past weekend and it was sweet to be at the race’s after a three week off season. So Kim and I rolled in on Friday night got a spot only to find out while leveling my trailer that I had a tire separate on the way and bend the skirting and take out wiring under my trailer, but hey I’m at the races so what the heck.

On to the race’s the weather was great Saturday morning for the 9:30 X-C start and as usual we had the biggest class of the day (dam old guys) 18 guys took off and I was in the top ten and thinking with three laps to run that I probably should have gotten a little more training in for the new year and didn’t know what to expect. I was accually feeling pretty good and passed a few guys only to drop a chain on one of the rougher down hills before a short steep climb, so stop fix it and I only lost two place’s so that was ok. So on lap number two and still feeling quite good a guy in front of me on a climb sucks a chain and I hit him only to fall down myself, but no place’s lost so on we go. Lap number three still good and push to catch a few and finish up in eight place. I really wanted a podium but was very happy with my fitness.

So with a thirty minute rest it’s on to pre-run the super-D course on the Snyper and the course was all downhill and was using some of the rock gardens from the D-H course so I defiantly had the right bike for this one. Super-D is getting quite popular at Fontucky a lot of guys are running it now anyway it was fun but I dabbed a foot in the rock garden and lost some time but still made the podium with a third.

Ah Sunday morning and downhill on tap. I only did one practice run on Saturday because I was beet and getting very thirsty by the afternoon so I thought I’d do two or three Sunday morning oh that didn’t work out to well as there was about 9000 down hillers there and it was a solid line all the way down, so one run and bring on the race. Now I moved up to sport this year so I was not really expecting anything and we had a big class of fourteen guys so I did my run and felt really good only had two small bobbles and wound up with a fifth place. So two out of three podiums I was very happy.

Of course you already know the machine Darter just destroyed the semi pro class in only his second race in that class so at the awards the other guys in his class are calling him a sandbagger and saying he needs to ride pro it was hilarious. Well I think that’s it, sorry it’s so late and I will try and do better next week as I’m racing a X-C race in Elfin forest on Saturday.

Talk to ya next week.

Randy Rush


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