Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Randy Rush's Fontucky Report


Well it was off to Fontucky for race #3 of the winter series this last weekend and with up to three inches of rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday I really didn’t know what to expect. I HATE MUD but I had to go because I missed round #2 and being as it’s the best 4 out of 5 my throw out race is gone. So Friday night at around 1:30 it starts and just dumps all night and into the morning and I’m thinking oh boy this is going to be fun. Were sitting on the start and it’s just pouring but rain or shine like Donnie says.

They were combining a lot of class’s because of the not so good turn out so I was in the top ten off the start and thinking this isn’t so bad until the first water crossing that was over knee high only a quarter mile into the first lap and then it was fuck it I’m already soaked and muddy so just have fun with it. Now you know Fontucky so sum of the steeper climbs were a little difficult due to very slippery condition but I tell you what the course was still pretty awesome It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, plus Donnie cut everyone’s laps down by one because of the conditions. I ended up sixth on the day in x-c. On a side note for you drizzle they are going to start running the elevator shaft climb at the next race for everyone from sport up.

Super-D up next and I guess EC laid this course out and I was not very smart on this one because I was too caught up in getting my Carbide cleaned up with my handy dandy Nomad power washer (man that thing is awesome) that I didn’t pre-ride the S-D course and EC laid out a pretty gnarly course some downhill rock garden and some off camber stuff. It was very fun but the toughest one yet. I didn’t do too bad thought with a third in Super-D.

Sunday was a great day with the sun out and we had lake front camping it was great.(pictures to follow) anyway I didn’t do any practice runs for downhill on Saturday after being wet and cold all day I said screw it and started talking to my friend Mr. Adolf Coors a little earlier than normal. So I did four or so runs in the morning and the course was the bomb I kind of felt like Darter (but not nearly as fast) as I was also practicing different sections over and over to. The dirt was so choice I couldn’t wait for my race run. My run started off good and I was feeling it until I made one small mistake and had to put my foot down to keep from falling but the rest was good. I got sixth in D-H which I was a little bummed about but the one little mistake cost me as I missed the last podium spot by less than a second.

And last thing I want to thank ALL of our tem sponsors for EVERYTHING because without them I wouldn’t be able to go to as many races as I do and wouldn’t be able to races all three disciplines like I do so a big thanks to all of them.

Talk to you in couple weeks.

Randy Rush


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