Monday, March 29, 2010

U.S.Cup Pix From Fontucky!

With the mountains as a backdrop, Vanessa Humic rocks the course...and her new team Fontucky.

Vegas Bob's Tomac Carbide soaked up the chatter on this baby-head filled course, and his "pirate-cut" sleeves struck terror into the hearts of the racers. AAAArrrrggghh!

Humberto also wearing the new 2010 team kits. He would flat on lap 2 and begin cursing in ancient Mayan for about an hour.

Claudia Espinoza is always pictured out front. Why IS that? Oh yeah....I forgot.

Vanessa looking very lean, heading through the upper-parade lap before finishing lap #2.

The Backbone ladies look super-hot in their new kits, even when they pass the men who would normally be mad at them.

Vanessa is testing the new team carb-loading program. It's Magic Hat #9 beer and a bucket of fried chicken skins. Seems to be working for her, so I'm starting today!

Bob's Carbide has a Marzocchi Marathon up front, and that thing has been bullet proof for three years now. Killer fork!

Claudia heading back out (and UP) for another lap while the granite-topped mountains loom in the distance.

Cheyne McKeevr pinning it to the finish line in his new team kit.

Jaimie Espinoza leads the pack. This guy never gives up, and never backs off the gas pedal. I wonder where his daughter gets it from?

Cheyne is pictured here checking in with the Secret Service.

Mr. Thome flogging his Tomac Carbide like a mule.

Cheyne getting low and staying there for the entire race. He has been on the "Tape-Worm & Tijuana Creek water" diet for a few weeks now, and is looking to become a super-model.

Roger keepin it real in the Wonder-Bread suit from Halloween! LOVE this guy.

Jaimie leads from the gun.

The veterans getting ready to rumble.

Roger explaining why he's in NASCAR suit...and how great the KENDA tires are.

**Thanks to Forrest Hayashi at PMBC for the pix! Visit for details, and don't forget to hit up the Pancake Breakfast!**


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