Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vegas Bob Rocks The Rox..9.0!

SIGMA Brian and Vegas Bob going over the data on his ROX 9.0 inside the team booth at Outdoor Demo.

Hey Chris!
Here are some screenshots of my SIGMA ROX 9.0 logging all the action from my race at Santa Ynez last Sunday. Do you like information? Can't get enough of it? Then the ROX 9.0 is definitely for you. With the easily downloadable Sigma Data Center software and the USB docking station, everything can be stored and analyzed right on your home computer.

The first shot is all the Memory data in one place, which you get on the 8.0 or the 9.0. Your 3 wireless transmitters get you all these stats for Distance, Time, Speed, Cadence, and Heart Rate, (including how much time in each Zone). The unit also records Temperature (yes it was 53 degrees for the race start, ugh!) and Altitude, and both the unit by itself and the software even divide the altitude up into separate Uphill and Downhill totals!

The second shot is the is graph from the Log function from the 9.0. Suweeet! It gives you the Altitude Profile of the race, obvious with a blue line. Layered onto that you've got your Heart Rate in maroon and your speed in green. There's more stuff to see, but I've left a few of the other lines turned off for clarity, which is easy to do with the simple check boxes. I've programmed my own personal Heart Rate Zones into the unit, which show up on the graph as yellow, green and red bands that my HR can be seen jumping up and down through like a schnauzer through a fire ring. I can clearly see exactly where in lap 1 my aorta almost ruptured at 200 beats per minute, and then later at the first climb of lap 3 where I faded faster than Vanilla Ice's haircut.

The last shot is the chart that pulls up to show the totals of how much time I spent in each Zone; who doesn't love pie? There are more features, like a button to change the graph from Distance to Time, a Zoom button to get in close to portions of the graph, and for Printing. You can also view your Totals of all the rides you've done, change all the Settings for the unit, and even check the juice in the 3 wireless transmitters so you know when to change the batteries. Mmmmmmmyeah!


Vegas Bob featured in a 2009 KENDA ad, with a pic taken during the 2008 Sea Otter Classic!


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