Friday, April 09, 2010

Team Love From Meghan Brown

Cap'n Chris...this ones for you..and a little cowshit..some blood..and yes even some semen.. ;)

Some of you may remember Meg from Greg and Christie Pleiss' Vegas Bachelor/Bachelorette party waaaaaaay back in the day. Others may remember her and her hubby from the Scottsdale NORBA's they came to years ago all the way from northern Nevada, just to support the team. Here is a recent pic sent in via FB showing her out on the range in team gear, probably trying to milk a male cow...again. Meg is very active in land access for all of us here in the West, working a great deal with the Western Legacy Alliance.
Last time I was asked to hand over a blood, urine, stool and semen sample, I just gave the doctor a pair of my cycling shorts and left the building...


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