Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Chuck, Bert & Bob "Most Demanding Athletes In The World!"

We have all known it for years, but mostly because of all the phone calls to replace broken equipment at 2a.m. from these three 'fritter legged dirt bags. It seems that THREE Backboners made it onto the SIGMA 2011 catalog as being amongst "..the most demanding athletes in the world." I totally believe that, because I think that ALL the riders here at BAC are completely dedicated to beer...CRAP..I mean TRAINING AND EXCELLENCE.

**Sigma's James Keller graciously tolerating my presence at Interbike last year. He's just doing that to get to my wife, I'm convinced.:)

A very huge "THANK YOU" to James and Brian, and everyone else at SIGMA for helping out the BAC racing crew. You guys rock like Amy Winehouse on a bender....


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