Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cal State Over, Alum Creek XC This Weekend!

**Dawn, Bert and I awaiting the medal ceremonies after a Cal State Race a few years ago.

Last Sunday saw the final installment of the Cal State Series in Big Bear, CA. Vegas Bob raced his 'Cross bike, and managed to take 6th place, despite a harrowing descent on a rigid, skinny wheeled bike down the infamous "Fall Line" final drop. With most of the big races over for the West Coast

**Betsy Willey approaching the finish line back in the CFR days. She's riding "The Duke," affectionately known as the "Big Girl Fork."
(except for the 'cross season, the Southridge races, anything at Tahoe and Mammoth, anything at Rim Nordic, maybe some Idyllwild stuff, the U.S. Cup final in ' get the picture) the action here in the Midwest in full swing. Jeff and Sean will be out on their Carbide's Sunday throwing down at the OMBC XC race at Alum Creek. Starting off with a long pseudo road ride to the singletrack,

**Sean C in the final two miles at Alum Creek on his new Tomac Carbide.
you need to be hammer-down to be in the top 10 on the trail, as the chances to pass are very few and far between. Not in that top 10? You better save some energy to bring it on the return ride back across the dam, and pick off whoever is left. See everyone at the races!


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