Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vegas Bob & Rim Nordic!

Yo Cap'n!
Yesterday was #1 in the Rim Nordic Series. Although at home it's been 75 and we haven't seen the sun all week, up at the Rim it was sunny and hovered around 90 for the race. It’s coined "SoCal's Toughest MTB Race" but they thankfully took it a little easy on us for the first installment with a little less climbing at the beginning of the lap and the omission of the second batch of climbs later on.

(World Famous Vegas Bob in another Kenda ad..this time for Sea Otter.)
A new set of technical switchbacks kept us on our toes and lots of swoopy, fast descending near the end made it a fun one. It’s still at 6,500 ft elevation though, so the thin air always makes it hurt. I quickly rolled into 4th place by railing the first downhill section, but after pinning it up to the fireroad across the top and starting to see stars I had to back off. I also had a few dabs in the soft, tight turns of the new dh section.

(Ara, Bob and I on Thunder Mtn. Trail, in Red Canyon, Utah.)
By the end of the lap 3 guys had caught and passed me. I managed to hold my lap times fairly consistent, though, slowing just 1 minute on the 2nd and another 2 on the 3rd, staying in 7th place, a minute behind 6th.

(VB fresh off the Short Track podium at Sea Otter)



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