Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charles Libolt Admitted To King's College, London!

Charles Libolt is the smartest DH racer in the world. Now, that's not saying much I know, but when you consider that he's not in his fourth year as a freshman in High School, that means something amongst the mostly brain-dead ranks of the average downhill racer. Charles has just been notified of his acceptance (read that as; Charles' parent's credit check and money order worked out) and will be leaving soon for his tenure at King's College, London. Unlike most gravity racers, he will NOT be studying the various interstate marijuana possession laws,

*These socks from SOCK GUY were my favorite swag item at Interbike last year.
but in fact will ACTUALLY be there in search of a degree...and hot British naked boobies. OK, hot British naked boobies with good teeth (I really DO need to clarify).

*Remember Samantha Fox? She was made famous (as a singer) thanks to her naked boob pix in British newspapers...a weekly tradition in London.
Wish our little Pro DH racer luck as he likely attempts to evade expulsion due to gapping the various stair-drops on campus aboard his TOMAC PRIMER. Gonna' miss you home boy!


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