Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi Captain,

It was another hot day in Bonelli, no suprise there, I have to mention for all the old timers like us the Bonelli course has changed over the past 6 years into one brutal muther F'er. This latest mod made the couse into 4 mile loops that seem give no relief or rhythm for the riders, there was about a 25% DNF rate for the day.

The big news for the days was special appearnce of Ara "FUZZY" and his new Tomac Type X all blinged out with Sram xx!!! And also the special absence of Vegas Bob on the start line of his race, its tough with a 1:52 PM start time... it reminds me of the old James Cross days... :) Well CAP'N you missed the bbq and the beer drinking again, you ever coming out this way again??? You know Interbike is coming back to cali next year how about you?????

mark thome cat 3 7th place, mark was really tired from doing all the races this year plus doing all the local tues night races
jaime espinoza cat 2 dnf, he raced in tecate on sat and tried this one on sunday 3 laps out of 4 aint too bad
cheyne mckeever cat 2 dnf, broke his chain on last lap, we suspect he used a chain tool to do it...
ara fuzzy cat 1 7th place, not bad for roadie
vanessa humic cat 1 3rd place, she did beat somebody
humberto castro cat 1 8th place, had a slight mechanical but finished good
vegas bob cat 1 1st place in the im going to use cheyne number plate and race against the sigma rox 9.0

much love roger

thanks to short stack for coming out and laughing at ara during the race


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Vegas said...

AHAHA! Awesome write-up Fuzz. Great to see you out there Homie, and great job!


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