Wednesday, June 22, 2011

12 Hours Of Capital View With Tookie!

Hey Chris, I wish you were there at this race last week, but I know you needed a vacation (excuse to drink more beer than usual) even from all things bike related. I tried to facebook between every lap about the race, but that only worked when I wasn't shoving food and Amino down my hole. This was the most fun I've had racing in a long time for one I was sooooo out of shape from 11 weeks of student teaching where I could only find time to ride on the weekends. So, I asked my friend Josh to race it with me, yes the same Josh who I bloged about four months eariler
who just started riding.
I rode the first lap of the race, I didn't want to throw Josh in the fire yet, with all the tire rubbing that comes with first lap racing. Josh took over on the 2nd lap and took off like a scared deer, at the half way point of his first lap he was on pace to turn a hour lap on a course that expert rides were riding in 55 minutes a lap. I was freaking out!!!!! That boy was riding the rubber off his small block 8's. Josh finished his first lap in 1:05, but there was still ten hours to go.
We rode out the rest of the day with an average lap time of 1:08, Josh had one bad lap were he had a flat and broke a chain (not a KMC chain) and had to run the last 2 miles. It was a fun race with no expectations, but just to finish we didn't even know how we placed until they called us up for 1st place in the sport class with a 102 miles complete.
I can't wait to race another with Josh at the end of the season, maybe I'll ask him to race a 24 hour race with me, now that's suffering.
Talk later
And after the chain broke on Josh's bike we switched out laps on the Tomac carbide that stayed of the race course for 7 hours non-stop, talk about a beat down.


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