Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ara's So Cal Cross Report; Mud In So Cal? What The What?

Socal Cross Race Report :

Cyclocross and mud go hand in hand, that is how it started in Europe decades ago where the racers would train in the winter season. Destination is El Dorado Park in Long Beach, forecast is rain. Injuries have healed except my bruised ribs who do not let me do any core work which means back pains.

Driving down to the race it was raining cats and dogs, Shortstack had a late night but Gabe Margve came along for support. As soon as we got there the rain had let up but the course was wet and muddy. Decided to race in the Class B and borrow a real cross bike. Topped off with Amino Vital for the 45 minutes sufferfest and off we went. Had a slow start but picked off a bunch of riders after getting used to the bike and tires. Wish I had my trustee Kenda Tires because I was sliding around everywhere. Crashed once right infront of my Rich and his girlfriend, who were awesome enough to drive out from Burbank to give their cheers, and it was all caught on video.

Overall, had a good time out there. Hurt alot, but a great racer once told me (Bert Blanchette) you have to race to get into race shape. It was a good workout and getting ready for the homefield race at the Turkey Trot Cross race in Glendale.

Speaking of the Devil, Bert Blanchette was at the race to support and throw in some laps for fun. Very excited to see him and the family is doing very well.

Till the next race at the end of the month, thanks to all the sponsors... Amino Vital, Ryder Sunglasses, Roger with Kenda Tires, Spinergy Wheels, Tomac Bikes, Sigma Computers, Xpedo Pedals, and all the supporters.



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