Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ara's Big Bear Wrap-Up!

Hey Chris... been super busy but here is the race report from me !

Big Bear Shootout - US Cup West Series Finals

Most racers, especially Cat 1, prepare themselves weeks before to be primed to compete at the highest level on race day. What does the Fuzzbucket do? Goes backpacking with a 60 pound external frame pack for six days in the Sierra Nevada Backcountry. Great high altitude training but totally using different muscles (strained groin bouldering) and the greatest part was we got back the night before the race. Threw down the pack at home, grabbed the bike gear, the beer, and the of course my trusty Tomac Type-X...headed up to Big Bear Saturday night. Does this sound like an excuse? HAHA! No!

Mark Thome, Vegas Bob, and my good friend Joy stayed at the Condo thanks to Jan who hooked it up for us... (Thanks for letting us check out late so we could have showered after the race! )

Race day was warm. Humberto "Coyote" Castro was the first to be sent off for the Endurance race. Tinker Juarez showed up to push Humberto a little. Vegas Bob and Joy went up the Ski Lift at Snow Summit to feed the peeps, turns out Joy was up there for three hours giving out water to everybody. You're Awesome! Good sight to see when you are on the verge of cramping. Mark Thome and I took off next to a 3 mile straight climb. Felt good actually and was in the pack but then the legs gave out on the other side of the course. Just didnt have the OOMPH! in my legs. Technical riding was good, but no power in the legs. Made the best of it and enjoyed the day. The course was mostly fireroad but the CAT 1's had some good singletrack. The end of the course was great! Instead of bombing down the fireroad after Fall Line into Fern we road a nasty singletrack that made it hurt even more.

Finished the race in 8th. Did not get last place. Tomac Type-X worked marvelously. The bottle of Amino Vital Endurance Joy handed to me got me to the finish line, or else I'll still be out there. Kenda Karma 2.0 hooked up well in the loose sand of the FireRoad course. My Sigma Rox 9.0 works way too well because my heart breaks when I look how much more we have left in the race, too accurate! haha. Xpedo pedals have been bashed and mashed, still works great. You won't believe this but my Spinergy Xyclone Disc wheelset is still true... Upper and Lower Fall Line have nothing on it!

Big thanks to Roger at the Kenda Trailer for his support and kindness. Major shoutout to Vegas Bob and Joy who stayed at the top of the mountain all day to feed us. Everybody else out there I missed to mention because I'm still recovering. Jimbo... still love you man!

Next up State Championships at Big Bear again... hmmm... Everest next week before the race?



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