Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Fuzzy's U.S. Cup Rundown.

Race Report :

First race of the official season. Whether your ready for the race or your racing to get in race shape, it is going to hurt. It got hot and dry for the Cat 1 start at 1:15pm. Thanks to the Sigma EZ Up it was nice to relax and chit chat with fellow racers and feed Mark Thome. Knowing it was going to be a war of attrition out there in the heat, sipping constantly on Amino Vital Focus Zone Lemon was a key to be topped off on fluids.

As a 29 year old in my new 30-34 year age group in Cat 1 I knew these guys were fast. BAM! The whole field took off and never saw them again. Tried to stay on the wheel but was totally blown out in the first couple of miles. My trusty Sigma Rox 9.0 computer registered a staggering 12.3 average for the first half lap.

Only a few of us have a "vintage" 26er now at the races, but I still love my Tomac Type-X Carbon bike. Handles so well and accelerates like a bat out of hell with Ozzy on its tail. Kenda Karma 2.0 were gripping really well on some of the sandy turns and never slipped out on the steeps. Spinergy Wheels are still running true after three seasons. Xpedo pedals are just like new after a whole season of dismounting and smashing them during cyclocross. The KMC chain was bone licking dry but still intact at the end of the race. Ryder sunglasses held on to my face and didnt let the crowds see the tears.

First lap hurt, second lap was not that bad, but the third lap was hell. On two spots I had to dismount and walk to relieve the pain in my lower back. Cramps started in my hamstrings but was very lucky to have some Amino Vital Pro Performance left to get me to the finish. That powder does some amazing work!

All in all it was fun getting back out there and finishing the race. The greatest part was after the race where the whole team met at the base camp and had some nice cold brews. Reminds me of the good ol days. Helped Kenda at the end to break down, thanks for the cheers Rogers.

Greatest surprise were the screams and hollers of two random voices during the race, it was Randy and Kim Rush who drove up to support the crew. Huge shout out to Humberto who showed up and helped feed during the CAT 1 race.

Until next week, Smelli Bonelli time !



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