Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spooky-Cross Fuzzy Style.

Hello Christopher F. Sharp,

This race was dedicated to long-time sponsor Kenda Tires. Decked out in full Kenda kit to represent!

Spooooky-Cross! It was spooky because of the long flat sections and grass of impending doom. Felt like I was riding through molasses with my Kenda Kozmik Lite tires. The flats were perfect for cross bikes which hauled ass. Not too many technical sections again for such a long course (2.5 mi). This was a UCI sanctioned event that drew in many pros from around the continent, expecting more challenge technically than physical. The BMX section was fun to go through with whoops and berms. Legs were dead at the end of the 45 minutes of hell. Amino Vital FastCharge kicked in right before the race and had a great start until the guy infront of me crashed on the second turn. Made ground in the dirt and then lost it on the straight aways throughout the whole race. Held off an attack of more than 10 riders in the last 2 laps to earn my place, but there was no way I was going to catch up to the racers ahead of me.Trusty Sigma Rox 9.0 had me clocked in at a max 25.6mph on the backstretch and still couldn't keep up with the cross bikes. Xpedo pedals were saddened because we had to clip out only twice a lap, those pedals like to get nasty. In the end, with amazement and shock, came out in 22nd out of 76 racers in Class B. Could have done better, but improving under the circumstances

It was a fun time in Pomona though. The atmosphere was relaxed and having friends around made it so much better. Thanks to Shortstack and Joy who came out and cheered us on. Roger and PMBC had a nice pit area to regroup and get some good heckling in. The beers went down so well. James Cross, former Backboner and gram cracker, threw down some hot laps aswell. Missed Thome though!

I'm probably going to get a cross bike now, keeping it real with a mountain bike is taking its toll. Maybe....

Next race will be dedicated to Sigma Sport.



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