Monday, June 02, 2014

Josh Qualls And The McDonalds TT!

I thought yesterday would be a easy day on the bike, I was in for a wake up call! Cat 4/5 crit race was stacked with some heavy hitters. My race strategy was working out great until about the 15th attack!!
It was the largest and almost fastest race of the day. I should have went with my gut and raced the Cat 3/4.
We averaged 26 mph for just under 30 minutes (last year we averaged 22mph). With a lot of bumping, yelling and no one really holding their lines while doing 27/28 mph into corners (Yes, I happened to look down at my Sigma Rox 10.0 for a split second) It was a madhouse. 
I had a great birthday (any day on the bike is a great day) and getting a picture with Ronald McDonald was the icing on the cake! 


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