Saturday, July 18, 2015

Josh Qualls Tests His Helmet In Kentucky.

Started out as every normal club weekend ride, everyone being social, chatting about bikes, the tour and future rides.

21 of us went out for a 55 mile ride on the back country roads of Kentucky. I was out to spin out the legs and take it easy for the day.
29 miles into the ride things took a turn for the worse.

As we crest the hill the pavement was wet from the lack of sun in that neck of the woods. We were cautious on the downhill. As I leaned into the slightly left hand corner somehow my rear wheel kicked out to the right, I was able to save the skid for a few foot until I hit the section of road that had a large crack/pot holes. My rear wheel caught and stopped dead, which launched me over the bars and onto my head at 25 mph (According to my Sigma Rox 10.0) 

I rolled/slid 40 foot across broken up pavement, then 6 foot over an embankment, hit a large rock with my feet which of course had barbed wire in front of it. No joke!!!

I had road rash from my shoulders down to my ankles. As I climb up the embankment all the riders were there to lend a hand to help me back onto the road. ACE has the best people I have ever met. People were offering everything they had. A couple of riders checked over the bike as the rest were checking on me. One rider even kissed me once she found out I was okay! :-) Bike seemed okay, as did I. So what did I do?..... I finished the ride. 

My right Thrust 8 Xpedo pedal took a hard hit and broke. My helmet is cracked and possibly my frame has a small crack in it.

I have a great "nurse" taking care of me. I don't know how she's doing it. The smells that are coming from these wounds are horrendous. I'm gagging thinking about it!

PLEASE WEAR YOUR HELMET, ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN. I know I'm happy to have mine on. I may not be able to share this story with you.


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