Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Backbone Welcomes Ricky Lundberg!

New Backboner Ricky Lundberg testing his new bike.
Randy Rush called me late last year and asked if his training homey Ricky could squeeze a spot in on the team...and of course how could I say "no?" SOMEONE has to drive Randy home from events!

Here is his Fontana Super-D report...

Good morning Chris!

The entire week leading up to the race I had a bad head cold. It wasn't until Friday morning I was sure I was racing. I had little saddle time and still was ill. I took two practice runs of the Super-D course, and it was exciting mostly due to the rock gardens. I love rock gardens! I was confident with all the rocky sections, but had little in the tank for the uphill sections. I took it easy on my practice runs to conserve for the race, where of course I gave it 100%. My Norco Sight handled everything with ease. I ended up 9th out of 25 in my category, with first place about 2 minutes up. I think if I can get more hill repeats and sprints in in the next few weeks I'll move up the line quickly! Overall I had a great time. 

Ricky Lundberg 


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