Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ara Completes Century Ride #2 Of His "6 Centuries For 60 Years" Challenge!

Completed our 2nd century out of 6 today in and around Palm Springs for 
Mr. Osgood's 60th Bday. Felt good throughout the ride thanks to Amino
Vital Endurance Lemon and Pro recovery. The sun was blazing out there
so my Ryder Sunglasses protected from harmful UV rays. Kenda Kriterium
Endurance tires worked great again even after 2000 miles on the rear
tire. No flats yet (knock on wood) because them tires got Iron Cloak
foo! We knocked out the century in less than 6 1/2 hours and even did
extra 9 miles after the ride. Sigma Rox 10.0 mapped out the whole ride
and my new RC Move kept my heart rate in check. Those two combined make
a great training tool. Xpedo Thrust 8 SL road clips got me out of a bad
jam when a very inconsiderate rider cut us off and was able to unclip
just in time to put a foot down.

Great day to be out there in the desert. Even President Obama was out
in Palm Springs! These are great training rides and looking forward to
the next one which is Solvang Century on March 14. But before that,
mountain bike racing!

Until next time,



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