Monday, October 23, 2017

Crooss Racin Randy!


I know it's been two weeks but better late then never I guess .Met up with the Fuzz and Roger from Kenda at the first round of cross at Irvine lake to do so suffering and boy did I. Didn't remember which class I rode last year (to many beers I guess) so I signed up for open C which meant there were all ages in the beginner class. We had an 11 o'clock start so I threw on some new Kenda tires and hydrated with some #Aminovital. The course was way more technical and longer then the first one I did but was very fun. It was 95 degrees there and although I like the heat it was brutal.

Off the start I was in the first half of the group (32 riders) but blew up half way threw the first lap more climbing and 3 sand pits. I settled into a pace I was comfortable with and enjoyed the ride. There was a lot of dirt on this course not much grass and my Kenda tire's hooked up great on the off camber turns and the fast downhill sections couldn't have had a better combo.

Half way three lap 3 I was dying and thinking God I hope this is the last lap but na we had to do a fourth but hey im on my bike and at the race's so all is good NOT I was done. finished up  in 17 place and was very happy with that. thought I was much further back so all was good.

Thanks' to Fuzz and Roger and for the encouragement and to Phillip Beckman for the outstanding pic's.

A big thanks to all our sponsors. #Kendatires #Aminovital #Ryderseyewear #Xpedopedals #Hydrapak #Sigmasport #Royalracing and thanks to #thecyclrybikeshop and #thebikeworks.

I'm going to as many of these as I can. They hurt but Dorothy Wong does a great job and they are fun as heck.

Talk to ya soon Captn,



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